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Precision And Power Resistors

We specialize in the manufacturing of precision current sensing and power resistive solutions for the automotive, industrial, clean energy and aerospace markets...


Isabellenhütte USA supplies alloys for the manufacture of all internationally standardized thermcouples (with the exception of precious metal based thermocouples) as well as extension and compensating leads for all known non-precious and precious metal thermocouples. These are supplied in the form of wire, stranded wire, ribbon, flat wire and rods for the production of thermocouples (also mineral insulated), dip sensors, quick cups, thermopiles, connectors and plugs. We also supply resistance alloys with manifold standard and special cross section in accordance with national and international standards. Our resistance alloys are supplied in the form of wire, flat wire, ribbons and sheets, foil material and stranded wire. Our resistance material is used in the production of precision resistors and potentiometers for the automotive and consumer electronics industry.


Under the new trademark ISAscale®, Isabellenhütte markets its new brand of Precision-Measurement-Systems which are distinguished through a high degree of precision and ease of operation. They combine features that are often unique in this combination.

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