Product Change Notice VMx-U

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The part number of our VMx series has changed.  

Part-number OLD version - example: VMS-R010-1.0

Part-number NEW version - example: VMS-R010-1.0-U

“-U” stands for the new, optimized VMx series. The improvement has been made in our internal production-processes only and does not have impact on any functions of the shunt at all.

Ordering-Code Example

Shunt type

Resistance value
(e.g. 10mOhm = R010)

Tolerance [%]

(Un-)revised version





The production of the old VMx version (without “-U”) will is no longer being manufactured. All technical data of the revised “-U” version is equal to our current VMx-series, which is certainly still applicable. The modifications can be reduced to an optimization within our production processes.  Please call us at 800-LOW-OHMS with any questions or concerns.

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