VLx – New product range featuring long side termination for high performance on small surface areas

Monday, November 1, 2010

Isabellenhütte is launching the VLx resistor series, resistors with unmatched performance. Reversing the length to width ratio resulted in expanding the resistance range to extremely low values (i. e. 1mOhm in size 0612) and enabled other remarkable improvements. The larger soldering and contact pads are increasing the mechanical stability of the solder joints during temperature and power cycling and guaranty at the same time a much better heat flow into the PC board. A new mechanical construction significantly increases the mechanical stability and the internal heat resistance (Rthi as low as 15K/W) with the consequence that the heat produced within the components is conducted very efficiently to the terminations and out of the resistors. Despite their small size, the power rating of the resistors is very high in comparison to similar components.

The operation temperature range is between -65°C and +170°C. The above described unique properties guarantee the application under full power even at high temperature (i. e. size 1020: 2W permanent power at 140°C, maximum current 45A). With 50ppm/K the TC value is extremely low considering the low resistance values.

Sample quantities are available from February 2011 with resistance values of 1, 3, 10 and 50mOhm with tolerances of 1 and 5%. Serial production of the resistors will most probably start by mid-2011.

Some possible applications for VLx resistors are control systems for the automotive industry, power modules, frequency inverters, switch mode power supplies as well as current sensors for semiconductor power hybrids.

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