IPC Series: isolated current measurement modules for phase current measurement with sampling rates up to 300 kHz

Monday, March 1, 2010

Isabellenhütte is presenting the IPC series of current measurement modules for the motor phase current on measurement shunt basis at the PCIM and Sensor+Test trade fairs. The modules were designed to control electric high-performance motion control units of all types. The data acquisition runs at sampling rates from 10 to 300 kHz. A programmable sampling delay time triggered with an external signal is supported. The modules also supply a fast over current signal (response time < 2 µsec).

The IPC series features a modular structure. Currents from 20 A up to several thousand amperes can be measured by matching the shunt value. For example, a continuous current measurement of 5 kA can be realised by using a 2 μOhm shunt. All IPC modules are galvanically isolated, highly dynamic, an extremely accurate measurement and with a resolution between 12 and 16 bit. An integrated modulation unit processes the current value signals under consideration of the calibrated parameters. The resulting digital signal is transmitted, potential-free, over various interfaces. It can be processed directly by motor controller via a digital input.

Further advantages of the current measurement modules are the low ohmic shunts that reduce power loss, low offset and drift as well as the extremely reduced noise level.

In addition to general industrial applications, the IPC series may be used in the following areas:

- AC / DC current measurement for drive technology

- Inverter / solar technology

- UPS systems

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