Current Sense Resistors: SMK Series from Isabellenhütte USA

Precision Current Sense Resistors

The BVE series is ideal for current sense resistors applied in power supplies, motor drives, power modules and for use in automotive power electronic applications. It can be soldered to a PCB or welded to a bus bar.

The BVR series current sense resistor is designed specifically to overcome the mechanical stress to solder joints caused by the differences in temperature coefficients of expansion (tce) of traditional surface mount resistors when soldered to a DCB or IMS substrate.

The LM series of current sense resistors have been designed for use in high volume, cost sensitive applications where extremely low resistance and high performance are required. With power ratings between 0.5W (1206) and 2W (2512), the LM series offers resistance values down to 1 mOhm.

The PMA and PMD series current sense resistors are designed for current sensing applications in SMD power modules and hybrid circuits. They are designed for flip-chip mounting on a pc board or ceramic substrate and will withstand standard soldering and surface mount processes. The PMA is a four-terminal (Kelvin) resistor for use where the highest precision is required.

The SMK, SMP, SMS and SMT series low-ohmic current sense resistors offer state-of-the-art in miniaturization and automated manufacturing process. This patented design combines excellent electrical properties with extremely small size, a high power rating and an effective, reliable mounting technology.

Since 1989, Isabellenhütte USA has been building a solid reputation for quality current sense resistors and personal service. Backed by more than 25 years of sales experience and an expanded line, we are now able to offer a wider range of solutions with cost-effective precision products.

Current Sense Resistors from Isotek: SMK Series Isotek Sense Resistors
SMK Series Sensing Resistors Isotek Sensing Resistors


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