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For over 30 years, Isabellenhütte USA (formerly Isotek Corporation) has been providing high-quality resistors and resistive solutions into a wide array of electronics industries and applications.

We strive to distinguish ourselves providing technologically superior solutions and unmatched service.

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Precision & Power Resistors

We specialize in the manufacturing of precision current sensing and power resistive solutions for the automotive, industrial, clean energy and aerospace markets. Our ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD® low ohmic and high precision surface mount resistors set the industry standard for sensing and controlling current.

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Resistance & Thermoelectric Alloys

Precision alloys from Isabellenhütte are for the manufacture of all internationally standardized thermocouples, used in industries, such as automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, analytics, process engineering, railway technology, as well as in control, measurement, and regulating technology.

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Renowned for our expertise in the field of precision measurement in high-current applications, Isabellenhütte has been a leading global provider of advanced measuring systems for many years. Our precision measuring systems offer exceptional performance, along with with ease of use and flexibility.

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